The Fedora Files EP

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Whiskey Disco

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Norwegian demi-god, Rulefinn is back, and on seminal French label Whiskey Disco. On his semi-annual trips to Florida he snagged a number of gems while digging with WD label honcho, Sleazy McQueen; the fruits of said trip have now been spliced, re-arranged and repackaged for your listening and dancing enjoyment!

"Kjempegreie" gets things underway with some high energy thrusting. Big gated drum hits signify that the source material probably originates from the 80s whilst an amazing vocal hook latches onto some frenetic electronic disco grooves beautifully. This should spark excitement and energy into any wilting dancefloor!

"Never Gonna Be The Same" is purified disco, late 70s in original and again, high in energy. Decidedly aligning itself with the flamboyant styles favoured by Horse Meat Disco, Dimitri From Paris and Artwork; this lesser know but hugely accessible t u n e is sure to be a big spin across the glitterball-guided floors this year.

Finally, "True Love" (also edited up on that elusive and illicit ART001 12" from a couple of weeks back...) concludes with an epic, end-of-night hug-a-thon. A truly spine tingling slice of organic disco that marches forth on tumbling percussion and a level bass. Add skilled guitar licks, sharp flute stabs and sumptuous strings and you can understand why a mass of people are gonna start declaring their love for each other when this one drops. 


A1. Kjempegreie
B1. Never Gonna Be The Same
B2. True Love

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