Felipe Gordon

Those Quiet Eyes EP

About this item

Following on from his joint release on RNT white label last year, Colombian wunderkind Felipe Gordon moves over to the Reserve imprint with a 4-tracker of beautifully crafted sampled house.

The record kicks off with "Those Quiet Eyes of Yours", skillfully blending a sunny, picked guitar lick around swung houz drums and a wobbly bassline. "There's A Part Of Me That's Always True" is up next, utilizing bright digi-keys, another wobbly b-line and phosphorescent drums.

Side B's "Now That You Caught My Heart For The Evening" offers updates to the jazzy house blueprint, with a well known Tropicalia vocal indent in there for good measure. Finally, "That Night At El Bukowski" concludes with a deep, sublime, nocturnal jam that perfect eschews any overused house tropes for something inventive and considered. Top stuff. 


A1. Those Quiet Eyes Of Yours
A2. There's A Part Of Me That's Always True
B1. Now That You Caught My Heart For The Evening
B2. That Night At El Bukowski

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