Ric Piccolo

Android Lover EP

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Broken Detail

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It’s a mystery! Broken Detail is a new label that provides a modern twist on long lost obscurities, maybe music aimed at the more discerning dance floors. Argentinian Ric piccolo is known worldwide for his love of digging, as a collector, DJ and music producer, killing it with his "Austral Works" series on Bordello as well as winners on Violette Szabo and Passport To Paradise. Here he drops another four tracks re-edited, remixed and over-dubbed for your listening and dancing pleasure - exotic hypnotic sounds to freak out to.....
The party starts with ultimo- robo groover "Android Lover", a perfectly sliced bit of Italo with blasts of boogie synth, sci fi fx and a great female vocal. From there we sidestep into "I Like It", another synth disco winner with a kind of moody, film noir vibe and Cosmic Club bassline before the rampant Hi-NRG "Witch" style "Croire" smashes it on the B1 with dramatic vocals, stomping rhythm and the occasional blast of marimba interrupting the chanted vocal. Finally, "Digi" whips us into shape with roving sequences, shrill vocals and plenty of peak time disco fun. 

It’s all in the detail..... Broken detail.


A1. Android Lover (ft. Furor Exotica)
A2. I Like It
B1. Croire
B2. Digi

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