Delfonic & Kapote

Illegal Jazz Vol 1

Image of Delfonic & Kapote - Illegal Jazz Vol 1
Record Label
Toy Toye

About this item

OYE Records man Delfonic teams up with Topy Tonics head honcho Kapote for clever EP of jazz dance reworks done inna houz stylee!

Rare and forgotten tracks from their collection re-cut and re-chopped and feeling more than fine in a 2020 DJ set..

Delfonic & Kapote have joined forces also label-wise and created a new imprint for this issue: Toy Toye Recordings.

Vinyl only release 4 tha headz = be fast if you want in on the action! 


A1. In The Lyte Rejam
A2. Next Level Rejam
B1. La Bottera Rejam
B2. Lazy Rejam

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