Marcello Giordani DJ Feat. Stefi


Image of Marcello Giordani DJ Feat. Stefi - Riflessi
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MM Discos

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Ciao bellas! Here's another hot shot from the MM Discos stable, this time featuring the musical talents of mighty Italian maestro Marcello Giordani, 'Italo Deviance's capo' and half part of the project "Marvin & Guy". For "Riflessi", Giordani stays on topic, exploring all the influences which have formed the foundations of his own sound over the years. A record where the vocoders play a very important role, mixing old electro-boogie and Italo-disco in order to create an amazing, spacey and a very personal 80's tribute. 
Vocoders are set to stun on opener "Non Me Lo So Spiegare", while clicking robo-claves and snapping snares keep time for the swelling synths and weighty bass tones. The "In The Night" Mix of "Rolandio" follows, serving up spaced out melodies, classic Italo vocoders and soaring sequences - this robot is systematic baby. Our trip through the stars finishes with the heartswelling, super emotive Italo of "Se Ritornerai", a personal highlight from the EP. Endless breakdowns, dreamy keys and a melancholic chord progression ensure tops off, hands aloft energy, while the vocoder brings a touch of robot romance to proceedings.


Patrick says: Marvin / Guy man Marcello Giordani does his thing on MM Discos here, turning out a trio of mega synth jams on an Italo / boogie style. Totally spaced out, always emotional and flawlessly produced, this is a fine homage to the 80s Italian sound.


A1. Non Me Lo So Spiegare
B1. Rolandio (In The Night Mix)
B2. Se Ritornerai (Vocoder Version)

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