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'There is little hope for the new generation of Polish house music producers these days in Poland as the scene has fallen into total obscurity in the last few years. With almost no labels, no venues that host non-techno parties and most importantly no listeners and supporters, the scene looks grimmer than ever. The term 'music for nobody', coined some time ago on social media, describes the situation in a fitting and ironic way. Nonetheless the Polish house music flagship Transatlantyk is back for 2019 with this new various artists EP that showcases some of the best hidden musical talents the country has to offer.'

Breezy analogue electro from Dextre, packing plenty of crunch and with nice gentle phaze as if recorded hot onto tape this is emotive and uplifting as hell. K-Hole Trax drop "Shout Out To Keith Haring" which sounds like summat Ron Hardy or Jamal Moss might utilize in a pitch black nightclub around 4AM. Dirty, dark & gritty, and straddling a kinda electro-punk / new wave boundary with a filthy swagger.

1992 open side B with "Emphasis"; a deep, expansive and hallucinatory effort with ascending pads, fluttering atmos and rugged drums. Slightly proggy and rushing with endorphins, if it was pitched up to +8 I could easily see big room techno DJs like Svan Vath or CJ Bolland warming up their sets with it!

Finally Aheloy complete the collection with the slightly discombobulated wheel barrel of "Anvil". With ricocheting synth shards and a beat that fills like it's collapsing in on itself, technoid bleeps and enveloping pad sweeps meet alien synth-brass and a generally quite gnarly palette of outer space sounds somehow coaxed into a groove by Aheloy! Interesting stuff indeed.

Limited to 200 copies, a nice snapshot of both label and the under-represented Polish house scene. It sounds like they need all the support they need right now! 


A1. Dextre - Escape
A2. K-Hole Trax - Shout Out To Keith Haring
B1. 1992 - Emphasis
B2. Aheloy - Anvil

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