Tata Toto


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Association Fatale

About this item

Eyes down and look in! Landing in my lap fresh from Paris on a direct connection, I have snagged a handful of copies of this super limited (100 worldwide) new wave / industrial audio nasty from Tata Toto, featuring mastering work from the mighty Alan Briand (AKA Shelter). Rather than wasting their time on a conventional format for their inaugural release, new Parisian imprint Association Fatale have instead opted for a postcard size flexidisc, which only increases the fuzz, hiss and grit of this machine funk monster. Tune in for weird grooves and punk vocals. Totally crazy and I'm wager utterly collectible, these are wicked!


Patrick says: Crazy machine punk / industrial funk from new Parisian label Association Fatale here. Limited as fuck and pressed on a postcard flexi, this madness sticks the middle finger up to everything from the basement of an artschool somewhere near Saint-Ouen.

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