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Bamako Ou Ailleurs

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Following on from the excellent 'Le personnage principal est un peuple isolée' compilation, Stroom return to the unique sonic world of Benjamin Lew for a four track EP of deeply psychedelic jams from the early 80's. Opener "Bamako Ou Ailleurs" lays queasy sax over a raga-style sequence and ambling coldwave rhythm, swiftly hooking us into its hypnotic repetition before subtle changes trigger interesting variations in brain chemistry. "Il Les Quitta A L'aube" employs a similarly opiated approach to rhythm, the kick ditching the rest of the kick to mark steady time as the pulsating synths and dreamy keys swell and fade. Opening the B-side, "Dans Les Jardins" sees Lew swirl field recordings, radio samples and garbled electronics into a tribal rite for the mechanical age - perfect for Halloween deployment I reckon. Finally, "A La Recherche De B" leads us into a watery grave of aquatic undulations, dubby fx and gloomy neo-classical touches.


Bamako Ou Ailleurs
Il Les Quitta A L'aube
Dans Les Jardins
A La Recherche De B

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