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Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery's incredible Incienso label drops it's next LP - "Rebel Force" by Australia's no. 1 'Doof Dance' duo - Sleep D. AKA DJ Mind Leaf & The Herbalist, Corey Kikos & Maryos Syawish have been turning heads and twisting bodies since about 2012 with their fuzzy, druggy hardware driven house and techno hybrids. A pillar of the Melbourne scene they also run the Butter Sessions label and are largely responsible for ensuring their local sound reached a global audience. The current hype around Australian dance music owes a lot to these cats!!

Across ten songs, Sleep D take us from the deep desert chug of "Red Rocks", through the center of the best rave in town with "Danza Mart", and "Central"; past a head-trip of styles in the deep core, and ease us back down to some kind of new earth in the final songs, including "Morning Sequence", a beaut of a track featuring Kuniyuki. When it’s all said and done its big smiles and fuzzy heads all around. The duo's first album and it's an excellent portrait of where they're at and should be at the top of your listening pile pronto! 


A1. Red Rock (IV Mix)
A2. Central
B1. Danza Mart
B2. Twin Turbo
B3. Jazz
C1. Fade Away
C2. Reggatron
C3. Morning Sequence (Ft. Kuniyuki)
D1. Special Sector
D2. Pearlescent Sunrise

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