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Riot EP

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Underground Resistance

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As the divide between rich and poor widens, as the planet suffers under the unending CO2 blanket our greediest humans create, as we build more walls, fences, borders, prisons and smart weapons.........As the music you love is flooded with more and more rich, over publicized, totally untalented computer beat matched DJ’s!

Originally released in 1991, UR's "Riot" EP gets a timely reissue, at a time when we need it most! Are there any daring DJ’s left? Or are they all in it for the private jets, exotic locations, the fame, the fortune and getting laid??

These four tracks reek of rebellion, that feral energy that techno summons rife throughout their duration. Rough, jagged and littered with imperfections, it's a million miles away from the seamless, clean cut, white middle class techno that peppers a lot of the beatport and global digital retailers.

Start a fire with UR this Winter as political unrest and social inequality freeze out the nation.


Matt says: Classic, incendary UR firepower, available once again to the peasantry and underclasses when they need it most... Unite and defy the establishment with this rampage of early techno!


A1. Riot
A2. Panic
B1. Rage7
B2. Assault

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