Zak And The Krakens

Zak And The Krakens

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From the depths of the Nordic Seas, Zak and the Krakens bring the ancient, otherworldly, underwater party to the house! Their game is aggressive ‘60s surf-style instrumentals where pounding drums and thundering bass lay the ground for a resounding, reverb-drenched guitar.

If you are a surf music fan you may find they sound a bit like Dick Dale, The Ventures, and Man or Astroman?, but with their own distinctive twist. If you are not a surf music fan, you *will* be after being exposed to Zak and the Krakens!

Since its surfacing in 2016, the Copenhagen-based trio has developed an extensive program of original material including the occasional classic surf cover. After the digital release of “...kraken’ surf classics” you can now enjoy the first self-titled originals album in all its glory.

Surf’s up!


1. Analog Astronauts 02:12
2. Nonlinear Larry 02:40
3. Outlander 02:59
4. Mindbender 02:42
5. Blueman Blues 01:51
6. Kraken On The Loose 01:57
7. The Caponians Strike Back 02:46
8. Day Of The Tentacle 03:23

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