Ten Foot Wizard

Sleeping Volcanoes

Image of Ten Foot Wizard - Sleeping Volcanoes
Record Label
Beard Of Zeus

About this item

With their second album, Manchester's Trop-Rock riff lords take 70's rock and give it a modern blues-metal makeover. Their tongue-in-cheek approachbelies the magnitude of the subject matter, which encompasses all aspects of the human condition and the ever-present opportunity for transcendence. 

Features the relentless punk-metal anthem 'Covered In Tits'. 


1. Through This World 04:15
2. On We Go 05:55
3. Up & Away 05:15
4. Railway Shuffle 03:28
5. I Miss The Sex 04:26
6. Walk The Planck 02:35
7. Covered In Tits 02:38
8. Mind Control 06:25
9. Ode To Death 09:33

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