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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Worse

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Hailing from Wigan and Leigh, they first catapulted to the top of the North West music scene in the late 00s ; becoming notorious for energy packed raucous live performances and winning an army of devoted Fans. With an impressive CV including a label deal with Columbia Records, work with Hacienda Legend Mike Pickering, a tour support slot to Madchester royalty Happy Mondays, and a very special appearance at Glastonbury Festival, they’re back for round 2 and seem to have something of a point to prove.

“Long story short the album we’ve released was recorded over 10 years ago whilst we were still signed to Columbia (Sony)

Unfortunately we parted ways with the label and the album sat in limbo the band split up and it was forgotten about.

We got back together a few years back and decided to play a few shows in Wigan (where we are from) and Manchester they all sold out so we carried on last year we decided to try and track down the masters for the album and luckily the producer still had them sat on a hard drive we it was then we decided to release it. It’s been streamed over 15000 times since release.

We’re going in the studio early next year to record new EP then going on tour March.

We are originally from Wigan but have always been based in Manchester.


Barry says: Classic, melodic Northern indie from Dirty Circus here. Swagger, huge melodies and a more nuanced, atmospheric approach to the classic, unshakeable formula. Lovely stuff.


1 Dancing On Graves
2 Gagged And Bound
3 Damaged Goods
4 30 Second Affair
5 Romance Weekend
6 Promise (It's Different This Time)
7 Jobseekers Allowance
8 Sweet Taste Of Money
9 Dropped
10 Dirty Disco

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