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Public Possession

About this item

Berlin-based producer RIP Swirl (aka Luka) enjoys the more solitary ends of hazy R&B and lo-fi dance music, sharing stages with artists like Nosaj Thing, Tommy Genesis, Chet Faker, Rejjie Snow & Jacques Greene.

His unique production has so far garnered the attention tastemakers Annie Mac, i-D, The FADER, NOWNESS, RBMA and Wonderland just to name a few.

On this extended EP for Public Possession we receive a brilliantly detailed dossier of his style. Seemingly peppered with the ghosts of UK electronica, syncopated drum programming nestles cosily next to deep atmospheres and evocative textures. Utilizing noise gates and a plethora of intricate fx, RIP Swirl nods to pioneers such as Boards Of Canada, AFX and Leftfield without ever being pastiche. These are new tracks make no mistake, they just embody a lot of what was good about vintage UK electronica - blue sky approach, child like naivety, complex sound design, musical synthesis; it's all there for us to enjoy. Dive in ears first and you won't be sorry...


Millie says: Rapid lo-fi brilliance by RIP Swirl here, maxed out glitched electronic creating a vibe! Fueled, high energy beats making ‘9teen90’ an instant hit. If you like Iglooghost and Flying Lotus then this will be right up your street.


Side 1
1. Looser
2. Noseblunt
3. Track 3
Side 2
1. Slimey
2. Untitled II
3. Careless

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