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Infinity Pool

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Mind Dance

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Melbourne based producer Furious Frank has been making plenty of noise of late with releases across a smorgasbord of Australian label. He returns with his very own imprint Mind Dance, designed to house his expanding portfolio of high quality, club ready tracks. First release, "Infinity Pool" touches on early 90s acid, electro and trance, with a polished, up-to-date finish across the four tracks.

Crisp, analogue drums furnish opening track "Topp Floor", while a rugged 303, tuned directly to the low-mids, glues the various elements of the mix to a centered foundation. "Hallucination" pairs an evocative spoken word piece about hallucinations to a dark keyboard and pad array before adding a deep rumbling breakbeat. The result is a cathartic acid breaks banger purpose built to twist melons clean off come 4am in the morning!

"Infinity Pool" possesses an expansive and proggy edge, like your staring out over its titular aquatic plane as the rhythmic synthlines ripple over your headspace in majestic style. Another extroverted vocal thread ties everything together with an air of bewilderment as the angelic chord progression raises our elevation into bright blue skies....

The beautifully named "Mindsweeper" draws the EP to a close in a drifting pool of electro-ambience, peppered with hi-nrg vintage drum lines working frenetically across this wide expanse of crystalline beauty.

If you relish the moreish sounds of vintage drum boxes and the iconic Roland 303, harnessed by a new skool cat with tons of flair; then Furious Frank is 4 U!!


A1. Topp Floor
A2. Hallucinations
B1. Infinity Pool
B2. Mindsweeper

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