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Villa Wunderbar

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Can founder's retrospective compilation album updated to include music from 5 Klavierstüke and released on vinyl for the first time. The compilation includes tracks such as Villa Wunderbar, Kick On The Floods and Bohemian Step, alongside remixes by Schmidt of two Can tracks, Alice and Last Night Sleep, as well extracts from his extensive soundtrack work. 


A1 Dreambite
A2 Le Weekend
A3 Rapido De Noir
A4 Love
B1 Villa Wunderbar
B2 Time The Dreamkiller
B3 Fledermenschen
C1 Burning Straw In Sky
C2 Kick On The Floods
D1 Fuchsia's Song - Rainbow Party
D2 Ensemble: Joy
D3 Klavierstuck V
E1 Flavia Theme
E2 Quattrocanti (Dream Theme IV)
E3 Fresco & Finale (Flavia Theme III & IV)
E4 Zicke Zick
E5 Schneeland
E6 Dangerous
F1 Rote Erde (Titel Musik)
F2 Es Geht Ein Schnitter
F3 Bohemian Step
F4 Roll On Euphrates
G1 Solo
G2 Aller Tage Abend Walzer
G3 Morning In Berlin
G4 Geisterlied
H1 Verdi Prati Valse
H2 Messer Im Kopf
H3 Lied Vom Verschwinden
H4 Alice (artist Can, Remix By Irmin Schmidt)
H5 Last Night Sleep (artist Can, Remix By Irmin Schmidt) 

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