Gary Davenport

Scattered Thoughts

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A treasure trove of early underground from San Antonio’s first “punk” label Closet Records. Centered around the manic energy of founder Gary Davenport, this tidy 13-song collection compiles for the first time the best of his mid-fi work in Mannequin, quirky duos with Mark Champion and Charles Athanas, and alone at the raging edge of suburban Texas. A heady mix of jangly prog, dream-punk, community college rock, and anxious alternative, achieved just as video was killing the radio star. Packaged in a heavy-weight tip-on sleeve, with an accompanying book chronicling the entire sordid affair and visual discography.


1. Trust In Authority
2. True Freedom
3. Labyrinth
4. Symbols
5. Journey To Oaxaca
6. Sarra
7. Akhaldan

1. A Desperate Situation
2. Transience
3. Romanticizing Again
4. Scattered Thoughts
5. In America There’s Everything (The Clean Bomb)
6. From The Island

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