Non Zero Sum Game

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Shadeleaf Music

About this item

New LP from Sheffield's finest, Thatmanmonkz, following on from 2016's "Columbusing". "Non Zero Sum Game" sees the esteemed producer further galvanize the musical bonds between Sheffield, Berkeley, Detroit and Atlanta with a raw but fluid take on OG house music flava....

Featuring a plethora of collaborations which hammer home the cross-pollination of regional styles, the global exchange of ideas and energies runs rife through the album's two discs as our manmonkz skillfully dispenses cowbell, swing, bass and perx to devastating effects! There's a gritty acid blaster ("Chai Tea"), some serene and soulful moments ("Them Thangs", "Thee Others") and a broken-beat house hybrid to close ("Syntax D'amour"). Tracks like "Freaks N Prophets" sound unfathomably fresh, with speaker-pushing rhythms, while Monkz is also able to inject new life into that classic, loop-n-filter disco-house with "LvNlmtd" and "WhatyouthinkIdo". Rugged with a firm low end foundation throughout, these tracks are built to stand extensive use on demanding dancefloors! Mega.


A1. Thee Others With Malik Ameer
A2. After Dark With Nikko O
B1. Easy Still With A Brother Is...
B2. Chai Tea
C1. Them Thangs With Ms Fae
C2. Lil' Bit Of Jazz (interlude)
C3. Whatuthinkido
D1. Freaks N Prophets
D2. Lvnlmtd
D3. Syntax D'amour With Nikko O

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