Shit And Shine

Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs

Image of Shit And Shine - Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs
Record Label
Riot Season

About this item

Fifteen years and forty releases into their career, Shit And Shine return to Riot Season with some trademark aural filth. As if you’d expect anything different. Right?. ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs’ is the sound of a man going back to the harsh sound of the early Shit And Shine works, and mixing it up with his recent dirge rock outings with USA/Mexico. It’s nasty. Mastered by James Plotkin.


A1. Salty Tomato
A2. Cooking Steaks In The Pocket
A3. Tea Towel
A4. Kentucky Cellphone (featuring Tropical Trash)

B1. Doing Drugs Selling Drugs
B2. Several Times Two
B3. Hammerlock Through Shattering Glass

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