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Move Tools

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Banoffee Pies

About this item

Banoffee Pies Records release their 10th edition to the Original Series with "Move Tools". One of many channels within the BPR umbrella which dedicates itself more closely to left field dance floor cuts, this time in the form of a solo EP from production master Interplanetary Criminal. The 4 track collection hosts three UKG delights which are bound to disrupt dancefloors all over with their weighty UK feel and extreme sub workouts. The other tracks come as a tried and tested DJ Tool "Move" on the A2 which comedically slips between a joyous disco sample and a bruising 4x4 laser beat. In nostalgic form the B side closes with a dusty and euphoric, late night garage cut full of emotion. 


Matt says: Upcoming MCR producer of the year for me, Interplanetary Criminal completes a flawless year of releases with another of his future-focussed, soundsystem-pleasing garage hybrids for tastemakers Banoffee Pies. Yes mate!


A1. Maybe
A2. Move
B1. That's All Folks
B2. Make Me Feel

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