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Jump Around

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Hitting the shelves like a incendiary device comes this super limited 7" pressing, boasting two versions of the ultimate golden era hip-hop party record, House Of Pain's 1992 anthem "Jump Around". On the A-side you'll find the "Multi Track Original Rap Version", which is so familiar, I could consume the entirity of Barry's medicine cabinet and still rap along to. The superb "Original Multi-Track Instrumental", which has never before seen the light of day, takes pride of place on the flip, putting the spotlight on DJ Muggs' killer beat (which, according to lore, he original offered to both Cyprus Hill and Ice Cube first). 


Millie says: Iconic, ‘Jump Around’ is here on 7”, ultra-limited and highly sought after as it is after all an absolute banger. The B-side instrumental is equally as joy-inducing with that beat recognisable from a mile off. Don’t be slow on this beauty.


Side 1
1. "Jump Around" (original Multi Track Rap Version)
Side 2
1. "Jump Around" (Multi Track Instrumental Unreleased Version)

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