Jim Sharp

Funky Dopeman

Image of Jim Sharp - Funky Dopeman
Record Label
Soul By The Pound

About this item

Back again with a pair of edits in the lower BPM spectrum, Jim Sharp takes us on a regional tour of the South. Side A, breaks down then reassembles an early West Coast gangsta hit, Dopeman. Us-ing the OG drums and extending the breaks, this will rock dance floors and bass bins alike. The B side, takes us to the Dirty South with 808 kicks, sprinkler Hi-Hats and sweet Soul music. I Chose You Could be dropped at a bounce party or a wedding. Willie Hutch sounds like an International Player with the revamped construction and drums. 


Side A - Funky Dopeman (Jim Sharp Edit)
Side B - I Chose You (Jim Sharp Edit)

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