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Dark Groove Records

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More classic dance music from the 90s brought back to life thru Groovin Recordings specialist sister branch: Dark Groove.

G.O.D were a UK house & Garage duo made of up Jeremy Sylvester and Mike Millrain. "Limited Edition Special" was originally released via George Power & Grant Nelson's Nice N Ripe in 1998. 

Made of of four tracks, starting with the bright, breezy, elbows-out swing of "Satisfaction '98" that's brimming with house flavour. "More Than Just A Friend" sees synth sax, pianos and subwoofer tickling b-line converge for an exercise in pure garage. "Shake It Up" sees speed garage themes explored with devastating aplomb as Cheryl Lynn's "Shake It Up Tonight" is transformed by hyped up beats and a mammoth Reese bassline. Add some nice SP1000 time stretch and you've got yourself a pirtate radio monstrosity ready to serious damange in the club. Finally, "Guys & Girls" concludes with some smooth UKG flavour; full of tight, tricky edits, bubbling groove and soulful flavour for the dancers to enjoy. 

Mega release for garage heads! Check! 


A1. Satisfaction '98
A2. More Than Just A Friend
B1. Shake It Up 
B2. Guys & Girls

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