Dominik Marz & David Kochs

Ghost Trance / Release

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Strap yourselves in troops! This next one by our Bavarian brothers has proven to be a bit of a HIT round these parts over the past year. Recently they’ve been prompting many ID requests with the support of Dixon, Ame, Peggy Gou, Roman Flugel & Kornel Kovacs and now the secret is out for all to enjoy!

Kickin' off with David Kochs' wobbly, sine-tone led rave banger "Ghost Trance" (a mix between "Township Funk" and perhaps "Wonky Bassline Disco Banger"), and then "End Scene" - which heads to the nether regions with a low rumbling B-line supplemented perfectly by ADSR-tweaking modular bleeps and bits. Cranium twisting guaranteed throughout the A-side then!

Side B features Dominik Marz who drops "Release" and "Forever". The former utilizes a thin, digital keyboard line to create tension with its unusual choice of musical scale, a real creeping mystery to beguile the floor; while the latter is brighter, shining rays of optimism and warmth through a kinetic drum palette and rich velvety synths for a moment of sunrise-themed bliss... hear the ripples of jubilation radiate from its core - magic! 


A1. David Kochs - Ghost Trance
A2. David Kochs - End Scene
B1. Dominik Marz - Release
B2. Dominik Marz - Forever

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