Pickled People

Pickled People

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Pickled People - We all know a few of those, but how many of them were turning out bare bones, stripped & funked out rolling tech-house back in 1996? Not many we reckon! Well, except for the dynamic duo of Terry Francis & Jiten Acharya, ably assisted by the man Bushwacka aka Matthew B on mixdown & engineering duties. This self-titled 12" you have here in your hands is a rare diamond, another set of smooth and acidic jams from London's potent tech-house underground, a rich and rewarding scene, one that is back with a vengeance today with discerning selectors from around the globe tuning into what was making clubs move here in the capital pre-millenium. The beauty of these super rare and expensive to obtain tracks is that they seem to be made with both the DJ and the dancer in mind, meaning - they are fun to mix and blend and drop long arse 10 minutes blend with without ever being boring, AND they are sure as hell fun to dance to in the darkened corners of whatever space you're lucky enough to find yourself in. Not short on the old Funk, this is premier league shit right here, from the dons. Proper subterranean business from that London town. Sure to be in your bag for the next 20 years n'all!


A. Stewed People
B. Preserved People

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