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Acid Tools EP

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Thick n chunky™ new tech-house here from old friends PBR Streetgang on the newly minted Kurtz records. The second on the label so far, if this is anything to go by expect rib-tickling wall shakers round the clock from this firm!

Whether or not all tracks are dedicated to the wonderful Mr. Hardy we're not 100% sure, but we get four distillations of acid house goodness, with squelchy analogue synths, crisp AF drums and plenty of lysergic sfx littering the background. It does sound like you've just stumbled into Ron's infamous Music Box during the part of the night when his acid punch would kick in and he'd mix acid trax on cassette for hours, twisting people's heads inside out.

The bonus here is that you've got that narcotic style of production but brought up to date with nice clean, digital production. All four are gonna sound super tight through the speaker stacks of today and bring to mind the wild n free energy of the old Barbarella club at the first Croatian, Petrcane site. 


Side 1
1. Ron (Full Fat) (6:20)
2. Ron (Half Fat) (6:21)
Side 2
1. Ron (long Hair Remix) (6:22)
2. Ron (Semi-Skimmed) (4:44)

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