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Former owner of Berlin’s Bass Cadet Records and part of Arcarsenal duo, Solune, joins Anma with a number of tribal-influenced, spiritual house tracks.

"Ceremony" rolls out the swinging percussion and swooping hi-hats. The sub-heavy bass rumbles add to the bouyant nature of the track which nods in respect to Ron Trent's Electric Blue series. Vibing keys, bird song and rainforest sfx all guiding us deep into a ritualistic workout.

The follow-up track, "Colibri In The Urban Zone", muses on the same musical philosophy by speeding up the pace of the drums and delving deeper into a moodier, pad-soaked framework which is decorated by a skilled, echo-drenched Rhodes improvisation, plumeting the track into a rich, velvety patina. 

On the flipside, "Colibri In the Sacred Mountain", drops off the drums entirely and focuses on fusing industrial soundscapes with traditional flute and synthesizers to develop an ever-evolving, arpeggio embracing rhythm that embues peace and serenity to all. 

The release is rounded up by Detroits’ own Patrice Scott. The faster tempo, minimal-electronic percussion and floating keys instantly strike a chord with fans of this dance music mainstay as he delivers a high grade remix resplendant with colour, warmth and vibrancy. 


A1. Ceremony
A2. Colibri In The Urban Zone
B1. Colibri On The Sacred Mountain
B2. Colibri (Patrice Scott Remix)

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