Meatraffle On The Moon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

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Eschewing the ‘love song industrial complex’ that dominates the airwaves, for Meatraffle it is the political, the platonic, the comradeship of the struggle that provides true artistic grist. This is a band you can get behind, they’re honest and down to earth, and while the world grows increasingly hostile it’s reassuring to know that there’s a group of people out there who get it, address it and want to change it. They’ve found the sweet spot between sincerity and humour, without taking themselves seriously they garner a lot of respect.

Meatraffle have a self awareness, they know what it is to live in a changing, unequal society. But they know how to counteract it too, by calling it out. Their lack of pretence is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant, money-obsessed world, and they shout about worker’s rights, sexism, capitalism and the shoddy state of politics in a way which truly captivates and engages their audience.

Weatherall opts to take the message deep into the the dubosphere, channeling the spirits of Jamaica via bars-long tape delay, melodica snippets and a heavy blast of ganja smoke! Watch yer bassbins on this digi-dub monster folks!

MixHell meanwhile hit the airwaves of an alternative galaxy, their alien pop sensibilities rife throughout the angelic choruses and warbled verses of "Meatraffle On The Moon". Anthemic yet fragile and broken, it's the perfect anti-anthem of our times....


Matt says: Wevvers shines a hydroponic light on upcoming act Meatraffle, while MixHell provides a light boogie-pop rubdown that should surely see these rising stars garner tons of radio play.


A Meatraffle On The Moon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
B Meatraffle On The Moon (MixHell Remix)

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