Margerine Eclipse (Expanded Edition)

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Duophonic / Warp

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Stereolab's music is so consistent, and so consistently pretty, that it has become nearly criticism-proof; the band do what they do so completely that it's almost a matter of accepting or rejecting their music whole instead of analyzing it. But while Stereolab's mix of '50s and '60s lounge, vintage electronic music, and Krautrock may have crossed over into easy listening indie pop a few albums ago, they still can't be dismissed easily. Margerine Eclipse, the band's tenth full-length, can sound a bit like a collage of pieces from their nine other albums, but the overall effect is more retrospective than repetitive. It's arguably the most direct work Stereolab have done since Emperor Tomato Ketchup (and at just under 54 minutes, it's one of the shortest of their later albums) and it continues Sound-Dust's trend of gathering the sounds the band explored on their previous work and tweaking them slightly.

Remastered from original tapes with bonus disc of out-of-print tracks from the album sessions. Co-released by band’s own label Duophonic UHF Disks and Warp Records.


A1. Vonal Declosion
A2. Need To Be
A3. Sudden Stars
B1. Cosmic Country Noir
B2. La Demeure
B3. Margerine Rock
C1. The Man With 100 Cells
C2. Margerine Melodie
C3. Hillbilly Motorbike
D1. Feel And Triple
D2. Bop Scotch
D3. Dear Marge
E1. Mass Riff
E2. Good Is Me
E3. Microclimate
E4. Mass Riff Instrumental
F1. Jaunty Monty And The Bubbles Of Silence
F2. Banana Monster Ne Répond Plus
F3. University Microfilms International
F4. Rose, My Rocket-Brain! (Rose, Le Cerveau Electronique De Ma Fusée!)

Disc 1
01. Vonal Declosion
02. Need To Be
03. Sudden Stars
04. Cosmic Country Noir
05. La Demeure
06. Margerine Rock
07. The Man With 100 Cells
08. Margerine Melodie
09. Hillbilly Motorbike
10. Feel And Triple
11. Bop Scotch
12. Dear Marge

Disc 2
01. Mass Riff
02. Good Is Me
03. Microclimate
04. Mass Riff Instrumental
05. Jaunty Monty And The Bubbles Of Silence
06. Banana Monster Ne Répond Plus
07. University Microfilms International
08. Rose, My Rocket-Brain! (Rose, Le Cerveau Electronique De Ma Fusée!)

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