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Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks

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Rocks In Your Head / Midheaven

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The lyrics to The Gonks instrumental track “I’m Dead” say it all. In the tradition of the Tronics, the Subsonics, the Gories and going back to the Dixie Cups, The Gonks arrive with a seventeen minute record of ten songs hacked down to the bare minimum, led by teenager singers Ave Lynch on drums and Sami Perez on bass, who tell the tale of lonely trams, lone wolfs, midnight loners, very alone types, loners, double loners and lonesome alone folk. If Leonard Cohen wrote songs about getting hit by a car for bubble gum bands, or Jonathan Richman wrote heartfelt songs about his mom for The Shaggs, one would have The Gonks. Produced at Studio Bonk by Sonny Smith of Sonny & The Sunsets for his new label Rocks In Your Head Records, this band eschews the glossy over-shiny pop that pervades the rock ’n’ roll world these days and reject all the crooningover-quasi-prog-rock of late and go minimal. “Am I just a sewage pipe, living in the dirt? Sometimes I feel like I might burst, but I’ll just leak a little first....” from the titular single “I’m A Leaker” explains where these damaged loners are coming from.


1. I Hired A Hitman
2. I'm A Lonely Night Driver
3. My Glamorous Mother
4. I'm A Leaker
5. I'm Dead
6. Hot Sick Vile And Fun
7. Nuns Having Fun
8. Precious Alone Time
9. He's Different Then Before
10. I'm A Gonk

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