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Melding the analogue ‘60s with modern sounds, Hollow Ship’s unique brand of psychedelic rock has already seen them tour far beyond the borders of Sweden, despite not releasing a single minute of music until now. Hollow Ship is the latest addition to the roster of Stockholm label PNKSLM Recordings (Les Big Byrd, ShitKid, HOLY etc) and the debut single “We Were Kings” was mixed by Swedish producer Mattias Glavå (Dungen etc).

Hollow Ship is the project of Thomas E Frank (guitar/vocals) from defunct Swedish cult psychedelic rock act Den Stora Vilan, Vincent Vensal (guitar/vocals), Johannes Cronquist (bass/vocals) of Swedish hard rock avt Vidunder, Lisa Kylsberg (witchery of sound) and Mårten Magnefors (drums/percussion) from the free jazz trio Dog Life. The We Were Kings / Air single is being released digitally and on 7” vinyl this winter, with the band’s debut album due 2020.

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