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Secure As Fuck

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Blang Records

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Jack Medley passed away on 6th May 2019 aged 41. He was a legendary promoter and personality at Brixton’s Windmill and friend/fixer in the early years for the Fat White Family and subsequent spin offs The Insecure Men, WarmDuscher and also Madonnatron. All bands performed at and helped promote his celebratory wake “MegaRave” at The Windmill Brixton 26th May 2019, much of which is now available on social media. A permanent mural of Jack adorns the wall of the Windmill’s smoking room aka Jack (Medley)’s “Reggae Shack”. The album was hatched from an experimental ketamine induced recording session posted on bandcamp by Medley following which he teamed up with producer Dom Keen (Holy Magick, Dark Horses, Death In Vegas) as a writing team to create a driving, chaotic and hypnotic album opening with “Sauly” a cheeky apology to his pal Saul Adamczewski for the “homage”. Within 5 days of Jack’s death, a GoFundMe campaign organised by Brixton Windmill regulars WarmDuscher, Madonnatron and La of Reprezent FM had raised sufficient to finance the production of a short run of pink and black splatter vinyl LPs now being released on Blang Records, also home to Medley’s UK Antifolk family and favourites Milk Kan, David Cronenberg’s Wife, Corporal Machine & The Bombers and Lucy’s Diary. A unique collectable for which proceeds go to Music Minds Matter. 


A1. Sauly
A2. People Are Strange
A3. Lose It
A4. Taking Care Of Business
A5. Suck It Up

B1. Shameless Plug
B2. Math Rock
B3. Bear On A Hot Tin Roof
B4. Lady In Red 
B5. Get Your Freaky Beak On

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