Artificial Imaginations

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New Words

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New Words is proud to present: Artificial Imaginations, the debut album by synthesist and composer, Quilsk.

Venture through environmental constructs, this music stimulates the listeners imagination and catalyses synaptic transmissions.


Emily says: A deep new offering from Bristol based label New Words. Ambient textures formed via a loose-knit network of rippling synths, dusty samples and spacious beats.


1. Sound To Vision Synesthesia 
2. GaP-1 
3. Voyage 
4. GaP-2 
5. The Lights From Synthetic Vibrations 
6. GaP-3 
7. Mechan Organics 
8. Mesopelagic Life
9. Invisible Migrations  
10. GaP-4 
11. Carrier Protien 
12. GaP-5 
13. Intermission
14. GaP-6 
15. Medina Cortex  
16. GaP-7 
17. Glow From The Heart
18. Gap-8
19. Moon Dub 
20. Gap-9  
21. Autumns Mist 

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