Point Of View / Cliff Holmes

I'm Superman / I Need Ya' Baby

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Two rare and highly collectible modern soul dancefloor fillers from instant records taken from the sophisticated ‘shades of soul’ and northern soul ‘all-dayer’ LPs. Shades of Soul’ explores the sophisticated side of Northern Soul with a smooth collection of sixteen mid and up-tempo grooves that showcase the crossover from Northern to Modern Soul. The sound of the ‘All-Dayer’  evolved from a time when rare club soul was moving away from its roots in Detroit and experimenting with a new beat that coalesced at the legendary Manchester Ritz, which reigned supreme as the country’s most forward-thinking AllDayer. This created a melting pot of the very best of the underground soul scene, attractive to a wider, younger audience, leading to a national interest in Soul AllDayers, and eventually heralding the rave era.

These two singles from 1975 on the standout Instant Records label showcase the power that high-heat Modern Soul had, and still has, on dancefloors across the UK. Point of View’s rarest-of-rare and fantastic in-demand single “I’m Superman” and Cliff Holmes’ “I Need Ya’ Baby” are both essential cuts for any discerning Northern Soul collection and are now available as one 7” in a single sleeve featuring replica Instant labels


Point Of View “I’m Superman”
Cliff Holmes “I Need Ya’ Baby”

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