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Tusk - Coloured Vinyl Edition

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‘Tusk’ was originally released in October 1979 and quickly climbed to Number One on the UK album chart. The album spawned the huge hit singles ‘Tusk’ and ‘Sara’.

More than any other Fleetwood Mac album, 'Tusk' is born of a particular time and place - it could only have been created in the aftermath of 'Rumours', which shattered sales records, which in turn gave the group a blank check for its next album. But if they were falling apart during the making of 'Rumours', they were officially broken and shattered during the making of 'Tusk', and that disconnect between bandmembers resulted in a sprawling, incoherent, and utterly brilliant 20-track double album.

Unavailable on vinyl for many years, ‘Tusk’ is now released as a 140gm double vinyl LP.

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