Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk

Ground & Water

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Redefinition Records

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Ground & Water, Blu and Damu The Fudgemunk have released yet another standout project as part of their already-incredibly noteworthy catalogues. But this time, they’ve done it together. After collaborating in different ways over the years, the two joined forces for a release that’s every bit as dope as you’d hope considering who’s involved. From the Los Angeles rapper’s tight-as-ever rhymes to the Washington, D.C. native’s crunchy production, Ground & Water captures exactly why Blu and Damu are so revered. For Damu, that meant diving into the storied discography of his new partner-in-rhyme. While the producer always thought highly of the emcee’s talents, he says he realized that Blu’s much greater than people give him credit for.

That led to the excitement of creating Ground & Water, because Damu knew he’d get to tell a story through a cohesive release. The story is one that treads personal, introspective territory that Blu delivers like only he can. On standout track “Share The Love,” Blu and guest Raw Poetic (one of Damu’s frequent collaborators) tackle the dusty, meditative production with thoughtful raps about wanting to see the world in a better place with inspirational lines like, "Stop being so tight, and be more lovable/ I guarantee more opportunities open up for you." Similarly, Blu bares his soul on instant highlights “Feet on the Ground,” “Rhymes & Gemstones,” and “Grey Heaven." His verses take a deep dive into relatable topics like faith, guilt, spirituality, humility, and so much more, proving that his pen game is as sharp as ever. “When you listen to the lyrics and digest the subject matter, there's a lot of depth in his words,” Damu says of his collaborator. “I wanted to provide a similar depth in the music.” To say he matched Blu’s efforts would be an understatement, which you could find out for you 


Millie says: Collaborating to make this incredible hip hop album is Blu & Damu The Fudgemunk. Amazing production and beats, not to mention the impacting lyrics which hold so much depth and relevance. This needs your attention!


01 Both Of Them
02 Feet On The Ground
03 Beast Mode Featuring Cashus King, Shawn Jackson, 
04 Share The Love Featuring Raw Poetic
05 Get On Down
06 Ground & Water Featuring Damu The Fudgemunk
07 Rhymes & Gemstones
08 Grey Heaven File 

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