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Long Island Electrical Systems

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Market leader LIES enlists new artist Trackstars for a VHS-hued journey into proto-house ideals.

"Bonanza" should definitely be included in your next 'road trip down the west coast' mix tape. Nothing harks of the open road at dusk as much as this track. You can sense the crepuscular rays, the subdued energy & the red shift of colour as you charge down to the open highway to your evening destination, ripe with nostalgia and yearning.

While "Check The Technique" ups the energy and imparts tuffer drums, it's still got the same aesthetic. Edges are rounded off nicely, melodies chime and the rhythm recalls the inventive period of early house music.

Side two deploys two more variations on this theme. "Udu" with its lush strings, gated hi-def groove and finally "What About House" which I can't help think recalls some vintage Blake Baxter theme or similar. Whatever it is, it's gonna have you j-j-j-jacking until the sun comes up with its killer claps and seductive digital piano line and bass combo - this is my jam folks! 


Matt says: Nice warm houz muzic from LIES who ditch the aggression and circuit frying for a more gentler trip on this new jam. RIYL: Mood Hut, Dream House... there's even a bit of Gene Farris and Easy Street on that last track! Well good.


Side 1
1. Bonanza (4:36)
2. Check The Technique (4:46)
Side 2
1. Udu (4:56)
2. What About House (4:10)

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