Sinfol & JP Enfant

Who We Are

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Anagram Label start off their new vinyl only series with a split EP from De School resident JP Enfant and label owner Sinfol.

The whole EP seems to have the stadium and open-air arenas in its sights with every track possessing that 'big room sound' we know and certainly love here at Picc Records. Sinfol's "Who We Are" is a frenetic, rave-breaks banger with clever vox and spine-tingling releases while JP Enfant remixes the track into a pounding bleep techno slammer full of sonars, distant melodies and rumbling low end.

That rumbling, steam train techno is continued onto side B with JP Enfant's original track "Buoyance" before Sinfol also takes a turn on the stems and true-to-form, opts for a more syncopated, UK flavour that nods to garage and rave in equal measure - utilizing a gliding, almost-Reese B-line to truly devastating effect - watch yer bassbins as always folks!

Like breaks and techno? Get this!

Limited to 200 copies.


Sil says: Raw beats and electronics for the analog minds out there all drenched in melodies and futuristic landscapes


A1. Sinfol - Who We Are
A2. Sinfol - Who We Are (JP Enfant Remix)
B1. JP Enfant - Buoyance
B2. JP Enfant - Buoyance (Sinfol Remix)

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