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Contrasting Outputs From The Hood

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The 9th release on Omena LTD features Steve Mahon aka Embezzlement Society.

With appearances on labels such as Banofee Pies, Roots For Bloom Records and Tenderpark, to name but a few, Steven is carving out his own sound, blending rhythms and deep chords with a brilliant touch.

"Meanwhile At The Window Ballet" chops up the tasty organ notes and warm bass of "Summer in the City" by Quincy Jones (or is that "Passin' Me By" by Pharcyde? - ed), ramps up the BPM counter to a tasty house canter and adds some beats. Simple & effective and the very essence of deep house itself.

"She Knows What A She Wants" turns up the shuffle as houz snares and warm organ flurries roll out. Add a catchy rap nestled deep in the mix (on a bit of an mid-range AM-radio tip...) plus some rising strings towards the end of the arrangement and you've got a lovely track to warm up the dance with.

"Summertime In The Sewer" finishes keeping the deep house flavour alive till the very end. More organs, more elbows out, jerky house beats and yet another fine tuned radio vox. It was tracks like these that first attracted me to the simple elegance of house music, and it's nice to see that original vibe represented with character and creativity in 2019. Top one. 


Matt says: WHP and genuine DJ legend Krysko, plus myself, are already championing this modern deep house groover that keeps true to the very essence of that OG style.


A. Meanwhile At The Window Ballet
B. She Knows What A She Wants
B2. Summertime In The Sewer

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