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JS Zeiter returns with the next installment in this long running, but intermittent, series of releases. 'Manchester's Maurizio' purveys a brand of dub-techno that's in sympathy with his German counterparts but stands alone as a unique sonic entity. The label has earned a reputation for quality since the series originally started back in 1997 and is now a highly collected cult label.

As is often the formula, two workouts on one coherent theme decorate both sides of the wax. In this instance James has kept both examples firmly in the dance with its kinetic, deep rooted beats propelling both sides forward. His now trademark array of dub-drenched synth shards sway to each side of the stereo field, permeating a punchy bass and the odd static discharge. Remix side adds some crisp hats and more urgent energy.

I have to say the timing of the release is perfect. The current times and mood dictate a much more techno-orientated dancefloor society than during better times (which seem to be soundtracked by house music's unwilting optimism) and this definitely seems to be happening across clubland as DJs ditch the vocals and sugar for summat more tribal, fierce and aggressive. The revolution starts here? I sincerely hope so.... 


Matt says: One of Zeiter's rare dub-techno-comets jets across our stratosphere. They don't circle our orbit that often so be sure to catch a glimpse before it disappears again!


JS-06 Remix

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