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With previous releases including tracks from the likes of Agents of Time, JoeFarr, and raising talent R.O.S.H; plus support from DJs like Laurent Garnier, who licensed one of the previously released tracks to his Tsugi 'Electro' mix (Francois V ‘Electro’ taken from Cod3QR001) Cod3QR’s profile is steadily growing as a label releasing quality music.

With music being the main focus you'll have to wait another 2 months to find out who is behind this latest release. The curiosity continues.

Head to their Instagram page (ig: cod3qr) for clues to the artist identities of Cod3QR001, 002, 003 & 004!


Matt says: I think this is my favourite techno series of the year! Every single one has entered my record box with a feverish excitement. Uncompromising and tuff but still with plenty of harmonic & melodic pleasure; technological advanced but still resonating vaguely with our humanoid receptors. I love it.


A1. Artist Code: 544852 - Calao
A2. Artist Code:454443 - Nilachale
B1. Artist Code:4B4D59 - The Man With A FM Milk
B2. Artist Code:4E4942 - Listen Carefully To The Heart Beat
B3 . Artist Code:4E5549 - Trust Me

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