Pronto Arpeggio - Inc. KiNK / Rufdug Remixes

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Ransom Note

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Bawrut returns with his fourth EP for Ransom Note Records! From "Ciquita" to "Rumba" to "Three Sounds", the Madrid-based producer has been providing DJs with off-kilter dancefloor ammunition for years now, amassing a dedicated following in the process.The "Pronto Arpeggio EP" is arguably his biggest and best collection to date. It’s certainly his silliest, kicking things off with a frankly absurd title track. Clocking in at almost 11 minutes, "Pronto Arpeggio" is a prog techno labyrinth of fakeouts, tempo switches, thwacking kickdrums, and huge synths like if Giorgio Moroder did the music for Tomorrow’s World . So yeah, not your average mid-set toilet break tool (although if you want to use it for that, we won’t judge you). "Shooreee" is classic Bawrut with a psychedelic twist, like spiking your own Negroni with mescaline. This sweaty, slow-burn acid weapon bides its time before erupting into a potent payoff. "Atchu" carves its way through laser bleeps and dub FX, built around an unforgettable vocal sample that’ll be lodged in your skull for months whether you like it or not.

When it came to the remixes, RN have enlisted some of Bawrut’s biggest supporters. KiNK chisels "Pronto Arpeggio" into a vlean slab of high-velocity machine funk, while Ruf Dug teases out the gentler side of "Shooreee", resulting in a melodic track that feels tailor-made made for Mediterranean sunsets..


Matt says: Another essential 12" from the Ransom Note camp and their flagship act: Bawrut. Remixes from Manchester's Ruf Dug and Bulgaria's KiNK keep the bar raised high throughout. Crucial!


A1. Pronto Arpeggio
A2. Pronto Arpeggio (KiNK Remix)
B1. Shooreee
B2. Shooreee (Ruf Dug Remix)
B3. Atchu

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