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Hot Peas 'N Butter

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Hot Peas 'N Butter make it three for three with the long-serving and mysterious PPF crew pitching in! As you've come to expect, we got four more dubbed out, extended and amended lost classics custom made for dancefloor euphoria
Time machine tear-ups from the golden era, as likely to be heard on Mom & Pop's turntable as they were rattling the cones on the home-made block party stacks or basement sound systems.
The ever reliable PPF is on top form here, laying out and echo-laden, EQ-oomphed reshape of a funky little disco number which is right on the tip of my tongue. (Ask me when you see me and I'll have remembered the ID here - UPDATE :) Gordon's War - "The Rock Is Gonna Get You".) Shimmy onto the A2 for a flanging, phasing, hell raising loop-a-thon constructed from Mouzon's "Everybody Get Down", augmented with some tasty bits of echo here and there to offer a different flavour to the Eric Duncan edit from way back when. On the B1 we head straight into the era of soul glow, silver jump suits and light up dance floors with the pulse quickening, fist pumping PPF edit of Crown Heights Affair's synthed up disco funk winner "Dance Lady Dance". If you weren't sold / souled already on this shit hot selection of enhanced classics, then the deep, dope and dubby groove of the B2 should bring you even higher - it's a mega fx laded reshape of First Choice's classic "Doctor Love"! 
This is 100% DJ material - and available in VERY short supply...you snooze, you lose !


Patrick says: Disco misfit and house hero The Popular People's Front takes the controls on Hot Peas N Butter, giving us beefy and bumpy recuts of Gordon's War, Mouzon, Crown Heights Affair and First Choice. Magnefique!



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