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Hoga Nord

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Yet another new artist emerges from the drug-addled undergrowth of Hoga Nord. Fast becoming the most wacked-out and narcotically fuelled label we stock here in the shop; whether it's lysergic fuzz, interplanetary psyche, E'd up warehouse beats or some psychotropic musical life form yet to be classified, the camp seem to invite anyone with a penchant for getting off it, on it.

Kanot's first record and two different flavours contributing to the same psychedelic soup. Anyone remember Sylvestre Anfang II? I can't help draw comparisons with the Amon Düül II-affiliated group. Only there's a bit more synthesizer action from this guy (these guys?). Both tracks glide in through an inviting synthy / drony intro, then burst into the kind of twangy, pagan 'funeral folk' meanderings a la Goat and the above mentioned Sylvester Anfang. It's ace! And yet another ear-grabbing arrow in the bow of this wonderful label. Recommended. 


Matt says: Yeah man, taking us right back to those proto-Goat pagan swagger days when it was perfectly normal to sacrifice a small mammal before heading into work... Campfire voodoo rituals never sounded so good!


Side 1
1. Bottenmannen
Side 2
1. La Danse Des Corneille

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