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Out Of Season - Vinyl Reissue

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Out of Season is the extraordinary album recorded by Portishead singer Beth Gibbons & former Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb (under the pseudonym Rustin Man). The album also features contributions from Gibbons’ fellow Portishead bandmate Adrian Utley.

A departure from both previous bands, it is a distinctive mix of folk and jazz styles with a very contemporary twist, with influences ranging from Billie Holiday, and Nick Drake: to Burt Bacharach and the dark and tragic presence of Dusty Springfield. The atmospheric material lent itself to soundtrack qualities – the track Mysteries appears on the original soundtrack of the French movie ‘Les Poupées Russes’ and in Wim Wenders’ ‘Palermo Shooting’.

Rustin’ Man (Paul Webb) released his critically-acclaimed new album in February 2019. Originally released in October 2002, Out of Season has been out of print on LP for many years. Now available again, remastered at Abbey Road with original artwork, pressed on heavyweight vinyl.


Side One

Mysteries 4:39
Tom The Model 3:41
Show 4:26
Romance 5:09
Sand River 3:48

Side Two

Spider Monkey 4:10
Resolve 2:51
Drake 3:54
Funny Time Of Year 6:48
Rustin Man 4:20

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