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Astral Industries

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Written and produced by Shorelights (Rod Modell & Walter Wasacz) with executive production by Ario Farahani (head of Astral Industries), "Bioluminescence" is the sixteenth release on this exquisite label and sees Rod make a much welcome return.

Two sides of impenetrable noise and static; a thick, acrid air suffocates both productions as they crawl forward with a slow but devastating tectonic thrust. Occasional moments of optimism and brightness break through, before being buried under more metamorphic electrostatic. It's an arresting and heavy piece of sounds that will affect any environment it's aired in. Essential for lovers of Rod's extensive catalogue, his work with Waler Wasacz is different to that of his Deepchord / Echospace work and very deserved of your attention!

Another sterling addition to this amazing label...

Artwork by Theo Ellsworth. 


Matt says: Big Roddy M and Astral Industries are like lemon cake and prosecco. They go well every time! Hear the Echospace dub surgeon gets heads even more into the ether dropping an ambient exercise in electrostatic alongside his chum Walter Wasacz. Tip!


A. Side A
B. Side B

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