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The Compass Joint

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The Compass Joint

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Ok it's back, for how long who knows? But it's here, for now....

Possibly one of the biggest, difficult-to-acquire dance releases from early in the year, it was made big at ADE where it received a limited release for attendees. After gaining traction it's become a massively-streamed track, and initial copies went as high as £70+ on the second hand market.

Now Rush Hour have let the flood gates open on the remaining copies, rumours are that there were ever only 200 pressed although we find this hard to calculate.

What matters though is that the music really cuts through the hype. "Track 1" is a joy-filled, mid-tempo organic house romp through tuned percussion, angelic organs and a lovely warm bass. Imagine Metro Area recording on Sound Signature and you get half the idea. Gloriously long, the elelven minute arrangement keeps us suspended across a green and rich flower bed of house music goodness.

"Track 2" is more electric, with buzzing synth and electronic drum palette and loads of SFX flying around the mix. It's all about the bass on this one though, with a speaker rattling, fretted B-line gluing the whole thing together and powering up the hips and feet immediately. Again, a nicely constructed arrangement simmers and pops right till the end of its duration.

Already heavily rotated by lucky folks who nabbed it first time round, both tracks definitely live up to the hype. Every house collector & DJ needs a copy of this, so let's hope they don't run out too soon....! 


Matt says: Timeless house music often lends itself to simple structures and strong musicality. I've already caned it to death out and about but it refuses to get boring! I can see this still sounding huge in another ten years time. A true collectors piece!

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