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Frame Of Mind

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Almost flawless collection of tracks here from Platform. Drifting through deepest house, techno and electro styles with a deep rooted, traditionalist aesthetic yet totally unique and envelope-pushing.

Across nine tracks Platform pretty much covers all the bases for lovers of that classic sound. Some tracks nod to Jeff Mills, some to Derrick May, others even to Sleeparchive; a few are on a more housey vibe while a couple touch on vintage electro (albeit given a modern bite). I have to say there's not a duff'un amongst the set, and I'm reckoning most busy techno DJs are gonna get plenty of airtime from this record.



1. Silent Drum
2. Central Line
3. Outward Journey
4. Knit 2
5. Jenny Loves Her Dog
6. Groovin Hi Groovin Lo
7. Ribbon
8. Dustydat
9. Walker

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