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Permanent Vacation

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New material from the ongoing 'versus' collaboration between American artists Woolfy and Projections. Although releasing plenty of records on their own, it's when they go head to head that the magic really happens!

A full length album from the pair, with some skillful songwriting contained within; it finds them conjuring up a whole manner of goodness across 10 well-constructed and detailed tracks.

From the deepest, late nite Adriatic throb of opener, "What You Feel" through an excellent Banarama, "Cruel Summer" cover (!!!) and the coastal exuberance of "Bein Endless", it's got all the feels and flavours of, you guessed it - a permanent vacation! (see what he did there? - ed)

What I really like is the direct nature of the album. There's very little elements superfluous to the main themes, and what the duo do add, they do so with careful consideration, ensuring each and every part included sounds as good as it could possibly sound. These attributes often define an album that you can revisit again and again, its enduring and flawless production reeling you into its bosom each and every time.


Side 1
1. What You Feel
2. Cruel Summer
3. To The Moon
4. Destination Hell
5. Little Things
Side 2
1. Being Endless
2. Take Your Time
3. Fall Into You
4. Ground Floor
5. Last Dance

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