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Macadam Mambo

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Since putting a halt on their edit activities, Macadam Mambo have scoured the underground to find the finest purveyors of weird, warped, wonky shit, providing them with a platform to twist our collective melons. This time out the label head to Brescia to hear the sounds of Italian brothers Michele & Simone Bornati. Previously releasing under the Two Monkeys alias and the creative force behind the Spettro club in their hometown, the duo adopt the Twoonky moniker and take us furthur into the freakzone. Excelling in the unconventional, Twoonky employ dusty drum machines, acoustic sounds, hypnotic synths, broken saxophones, crazy frog legs, and sparkling water on rhythms structured on 80's post-punk industrial music. The result is dark and druggy, sometimes chugging, sometimes lurching and always strung out. "Dezzo" is a brainmelter in the extravagant lineage of no-wave or krautrock and the freak-out of contemporary electronic culture.


Patrick says: Wonderful weirdshit here on Macadam Mambo as Brescia's Bornati Bros take inspiration from DIY culture, unconventional instruments and all the wrong drugs to distil a concentrated dose of the dark wired sound.


A1. Dezzo
A2. To Push
A3. Spiritto
A4. Jasso
B1. Seta Ultra
B2. Shitta
B3. Aqua Bar

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